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[ab012] 1999-2010
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[ab003] audiology intend ep
[ab007] the better side of today
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[ab009] i feel that i need to get away ep
[ab005] brewed trouble
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[ab011] something free for my 29th birthday
[ab001] playground
[ab010] alphabet soup
[ab004] transient series
born from previous works in tv & radio, and also my own need to see more sound libraries to hone in on specialities - such as soundscapes, drones & noises.this is where ‘mourning flux’ comes in to play. 100 specifically made samples to add to your next film, computer game or even your next music production. if you need creepy, strange & somewhat beautiful sounds, then step right up to this. features: • 100 samples, high res .wav format • each sample over 1 minute, library length is over 2 hours • 1.23gb unzipped size • 20 free samples to play with before you buy the full version * free samples are a low res mp3 format
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xcodeopenframeworks processing html css js hype c/c++ cocoa game maker
lemurtouchosc touchable iannix and so many more...
lewis lepton is the sole guy running & breathing ‘smoking bunny’. started in the year of 1999, after playing drums in bands for many years, had gonse it alone to fit his own breed of what he deems music is to him. from then on, he has built & equipped studdios, worked around the globe in composition & sound design in some of the best post production studios for tv & radio & has worked with world-wide artist to make their dreams come true for what they need for sound & music. not keeping to just the nature of making music with desktops & laptops, has extended to touch devices. utilising the audio & midi capabilities to allow making music that much more interactive. in his spare time, he loves to get down & code, design cool things & make games. using other means of creativity & learning new skills for creation. looking to expand his knowledge & work, has gone into c++ to work in creative coding projects & audio in games. if youd like to get hold of lewis for work, projects, games, or just a general chin-wag. then by all means send an email from the mail link at the bottom. you can also view his profile as well.
pixelmatorspriter pixen sprite something hexels
logic studioableton live pro tools max/msp/jitter max for live fmod sunvox sinevibes native instruments melodyne
previous works[composition/sound design] stivoro [programming] interactive dance mat [design/programming] birmingham made me [sound design] playful piezo [sound design] musical balls [sound design] piezo ride cymbal [programming/softworks] utforma [programming/softworks] operand [programming/softworks] polare [hacking] polyrhythmic launchpad [visuals] bohemian grove [composition] skoda [sound design/composition] samsonite plus many more...
openframeworks tutorialsthese are some tutorials to help new users of openframeworks. links take you to the github download page...
openframeworks documentationthe documentation is really handy, but only available online. so i took what was on the site & made four flavours, ibook, epub, pdf & html...
sb.polyrhythm~small toy that makes beeping polyrhythmic sequencing. it also uses MIRA
_eralcSourcepurpose built VJ software i used for the ‘bohemian grove nights. later builds utilised the novation launchpad, which made everything even more awesome.
hanteraSourceone of the first major patches i made, plus was built for the machincedrum, though you can use whatever to make cool noises